Tim Xavier gives us his live recording from Jaded 16th September 2012.

As an early morning platform known for its freedom of expression and a crowd that’s willing to be taken anywhere, Jaded’s environment often produces some singular sets. Tim Xavier’s is surely one of those. Close your eyes and press play.

Tim will be back in London on 6th October for Rebellion Rave. Playing alongside Damian Lazarus, the event will follow the same concept as the Rebellion label, a more underground counterpart to the main Crosstown Rebels’ roster.

More info and full line up here:

Rebellion Rave with Damian Lazarus and Tim Xavier

To get special £15 Jaded Friends guest list for the Rebellion Rave, email with your full name (we’ll send you a confirmation you can use on the door by return) to info@jadedlondon.com

Tim Xavier Debuts at Jaded this Sunday morning.

This Sunday 16th September, marks the long-awaited debut of Tim Xavier at Jaded. The Clink co-founder, producer and Berlin-based remasterer of international renown joins his long-time label mate from New York – Francis Harris A.K.A Adultnapper, who’s making a second visit to Jaded following his memorable first appearance alongside yet another Clink stalwart Alexi Delano. So what can we expect from Tim this Sunday morning..? Perhaps this live three hour recording from Berghain, 25th August will give us some clues.

Jaded with Tim Xavier and Adultnapper 

Sunday 16th September 5am – 1pm

Main Room: Tim Xavier, Adultnapper, Raymundo Rodriguez                       Balcony Room: Ed Jones, Charlotte Michelle 11th

For guestlist and queue jump: info@jadedlondon.com

Alan Fitzpatrick talks to Jaded following his electric 5 hours appearance.

On Sunday 2nd September, the Jaded crowd witnessed a landmark five hour set from Alan Fitzpatrick. Here we chat to him about the experience and release two one hour live recordings from the morning itself…

Hi Alan. We hope you have had some good rest since you played your extended set at Jaded on Sunday? How was it for you?

I really enjoyed Sunday. I always enjoy playing long sets but it was especially fun at Jaded because I feel like I can play anything I want. At the start I played a bit of dub, a bit of house, some weird trippy stuff and built it into the more peak-time tracks so I got to play all the styles that I am in to. It also felt like a home-town gig for me with plenty of people coming down especially to see me play. This was the third time I have played for Jaded and so I was well aware of what to expect but this was the first time I have played all morning in that room from when it opened to when it closed which was so much fun and I can’t wait to come back and do it all again soon.

You mention this was the third time you played for us but how long have you been aware of Jaded?

I initially knew about Jaded back around 2007. Some friends of mine were booking Raymundo to play at the High Tide parties in Southampton where I live and so I heard him play on some boat parties and all day sessions and through that connection I learnt about the Jaded parties at AKA. It is funny though because if you had asked me what Jaded was all about back then I would have said that it was more of a house or tech house vibe so I am really pleased that the Jaded crowd seem to have taken to me and the style of techno that I play.

You looked like you had a lot of fun on Sunday. What is it that you enjoy about Jaded?

It is all about the vibe. You guys always work hard to get a nice mix of people in the club and that creates a really good atmosphere with everyone getting on with each other. Naturally you get people there who want to carry on after being to other parties on Saturday night and they bring a real party feeling with them but I noticed on Sunday that there were a lot of people who had clearly just come out fresh faced and ready to party at breakfast time on a Sunday which is amazing. I got to speak to a few people after I played and everyone was really cool. There were guys there from all over the world. I spoke to people from Italy, Spain, Australia, Holland… all over. London is so multi-cultural that really the only place where I go that you get this special mix of party people is in Berlin and so for me Jaded is the closest thing to the much fabled Berlin after hours scene that I have experienced anywhere and I think that is something really special to be a part of.

You came up to Jaded straight from home on Sunday morning. How is it getting into the after hours vibe when you have only been awake for a couple of hours?

Yeah, I played in Edinburgh on Friday night and I had all Saturday at home before coming up to London on Sunday morning. We had some breakfast on the way and went straight to the club so it felt a little bit weird to be in that environment when I hadn’t even had a drink! It didn’t take too long to get into the vibe though which was a good job as it was quite eventual up in the DJ booth. There was one guy whose vision was obviously playing tricks on him as he was trying to give me money in return for a JD and coke! I managed to convince him he would get more luck by going to the bar so it all ended well. These sort of things just make playing Jaded even more of a special event to play because I can honestly say I have never been mistaken for a barman while i’ve been DJing anywhere else!

You played nearly 5 hours on Sunday. How do you approach such a long set?

It is quite rare for me to get to play for this long as I am usually playing as part of a line up of other DJs so I made sure I put aside a lot of time in the days before the gig to think about the records that would work in that after-hours environment. It isn’t as easy as preparing for a normal Saturday night gig as you don’t necessarily know what sort of crowd you are going to get. The club might be full of people who had been thumping it out to techno at Fabric or they might have been to a house night in a warehouse or to quite a clubby night at Ministry so getting the vibe right to cater to such a mixed crowd is an interesting challenge. I love playing after hours though as it means I get to play some of the tracks that I never ever get to play in a club. For example, on Sunday I played things like a Saso Recyd edit of Burial’s Archangel track, some Rex Hanson dub techno, a Radioslave remix of Snap and some old Technasia techno tracks, so a real mix of music from all sorts of genres and eras.

Have you ever played at Cable before, for other promotions than Jaded?

I haven’t actually but I would recommend it to anyone as I think Cable is a great venue. The dynamics of the room are really cool with great sound and a well laid out DJ booth and the little chill out corners really add to the whole crazy after hours vibe. I know there are lots of popular dub step and drum and bass nights held there and James Ruskin and Mark Broom host their Blueprint nights at Cable too so I can tell that it is a music venue that is respected by great artists and discerning clubbers alike. I imagine the vibe at a Jaded event is pretty unique though compared to other times just because the crowd are so diverse and everyone is on that slightly wonky Sunday morning vibe.

You have been kind enough to let us have two one-hour recordings from your set on Sunday. For those who weren’t at Jaded, what can people expect from the mixes?

I picked out two sections from the recording. One from the earlier part of my set which is me playing a lot of the music I don’t normally get to play in my club sets and the other is from later on in the night when I was building things into a more peak-time sound. I wanted to give you snippets of what happened on the night rather than try and get across the whole recording of the night in a recording as I don’t think it would be possible to get the energy and atmosphere that was going off in that room from just a recording. I am really pleased with how the recording came out and hopefully they give everyone something special to remember the night with. If you weren’t there and you like what you hear then hopefully I’ll see next time I play Jaded.

Alan’s next London appearance will be for Drumcode Halloween Fright Night at the Great Suffolk Street Warehouse. It’s become the highlight of the year for many a Jaded regular and we’re looking forward to hearing Alan play alongside Adam Beyer, Maetrik (Live), Joseph Capriati, Pan-Pot and Nicole Moudaber amongst others.
First release tickets on sale here.

Finally, here are some photos from last Sunday morning from Alan and the Advance Artists crew.

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Further listening.

Alan Fitzpatrick
Alan Fitzpatrick

Jaded London


Raymundo Rodriguez 5 Hours

Set volume to wake up the neighbours level, press play, close your eyes, you could almost be in Jaded’s main room…

On Sunday 12th August, Raymundo started to play the opening set in Jaded’s main room, as time marched on, realisation dawned that our main guest was not going to show (sadly due to illness) instead, a full 5 hours of magic ensued from our hero. Here it is completely unabridged.

Very Special Announcement: Adam Beyer is coming to the Jaded Warehouse Party…

Adam was scheduled to headline at Ultra festival in Poland this Saturday, however this event has been cancelled and he will now be joining us as a very surprising and welcome addition to this Saturdays Jaded warehouse party! This is Adam Beyer’s only London appearance till October…

Do you remember the last time Adam was in London? Do you remember that very special 6 hour set he performed?
Video: http://londonwarehouseevents.co.uk/adam-beyer-6-hours/
Link to live recording: http://www.mixcloud.com/adambeyer/dcr089-drumcode-radio-adam-beyer-live-from-factory-7-london/

Check out Adam’s new track “Be Quiet” from the upcoming Drumcode compilation!

When Ovum came to Jaded…


When Ovum and Jaded presented Martin Buttrich & Gregor Tresher

On Sunday 17th June, Ovum Recordings and Jaded presented their almighty after hour session. Martin Buttrich and Gregor Tresher joined the Jaded Londoners Raymundo Rodriguez, Chris Stanford and Charlotte Michelle 11th.

The Jaded children were overexcited and ready to embrace whatever journey the Ovum duo decided to them on, Martin playing the most powerful opening the afterhours has witnessed followed by a set from Gregor that meandered hypnotically through techno and avant garde house…


Jaded and Ovum Recordings Present Martin Buttrich and Gregor Tresher at Cable, Sunday Morning 17.06.12

As the word about Jaded has spread beyond London, some of the biggest names of the house and techno scene have been regularly dropping by to play as secret guests after their Saturday night label shows. However, it’s still rare that we can sound the klaxons and reveal these mega line ups ahead of time. Sunday 17th June is the exception – Jaded and Ovum Recordings are to present Martin Buttrich and Gregor Tresher at Cable.

Ovum Recordings is an electronic music label, specializing in house and techno, founded by world renowned DJ, Josh Wink. Over the past 15 years the label has grown tremendously, disseminating thousands of tracks, while forming an impressive collection of talented DJs and producers. Signing artists from all over the world, Ovum has been a catalyst in the global dance movement since its inception. This will be a rare opportunity to hear Martin and Gregor play Cable’s highly-regarded Nova system, and the after-hour situation should also make this somewhat unusual.

Sadly, Ovum’s main event planned for 16th June was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances and tickets refunded at point of sale, but as a gesture to all those who were disappointed, they will also be able to use their tickets to get in gratis for this special afterhours.

We know that the Jaded people and their friends will make this a very special morning… If you haven’t experienced the rarified good vibes of a Jaded morning before, this is the perfect time to dive in. New friends welcome – all we ask is that you arrive early as Martin’s set starts at 7.30am, and if you want to bypass the queues please email to put yourself on the ‘Jaded friends’ list. This also gets you in for £8 instead of £12 on the door. The address is jadedsundays@hotmail.com

For Many Days to Come EP

Jaded and Ovum Recordings present Martin Buttrich & Gregor Tresher

Main Room: Martin Buttrich & Gregor Tresher

Balcony Room: Raymundo Rodriguez and Charlotte Michelle 11th

Sunday 17th June, 5am – 1pm

Cable, 33 Bermondsey Street SE1 2EG

Full event details and tickets here.

With thanks to

Electric Brixton

London Warehouse Events

Elite Music Management

Over and out. x



Dan Curtin on dance floors and his last day on earth…

This Monday morning, the Mobilee posse fly in to help Jaded celebrate the Jubilee and ruling in general… Mobilee Head Ralf Kollmann is joined by Dan Curtin – a new addition to the Mobilee family, but a stalwart of the international dance scene. Jaded’s Tara O’Connor asks the questions…

“You can’t describe music with words anymore than you can listen to architecture,  I’ve given up trying that!”

Tara:   I read that you were first inspired by hip hop after tuning in to a New York City radio show called Mr Magic’s Rap Attack in Cleveland at age 12; and a similarly defining moment in your transition into house music came after listening to a London Kiss FM radio show recording: In comparison to the impact radio has had on your style, how has becoming a DJ had an effect on your music?   Can you recall a defining moment either behind or in front of the decks that inspired or had an influence on you musically?

Dan: The main impact had to be the inclusion of the crowd in the process, before really having an understanding of what this was music making was a very private affair, purely an expression of self, but that is really only part of the picture.  At least when making music intended for the floor it’s really important to gain inspiration from the party people out there dancing.  I’d say the moment this really hit me was during one of my fist DJ gigs ever and that was at Lost in London.  I played a very eclectic, atmospheric and not even particularly danceable set because that what exactly what I was listening to and wanted to bring that to the crowd.  But it wasn’t the right thing to do because it was too much me and not enough us—but I learned about the give and take!

Tara:  If you had to describe your music using only nouns as opposed to adjectives what nouns would associate best with your style of music?

Dan: Good question!  But it wouldn’t be words at all, more like emotion and atmosphere in color. You can’t describe music with words anymore than you can listen to architecture,  I’ve given up trying that!

Tara: Have you ever thought of making a music video?  If so, what did it look like?

Dan: It was like each element of the music,  a hi hat or bassline would be a nebulous living creature interacting with the other life elements of the track. But I still haven’t made this video!

Tara: Outside of music what are your other interests?  Fashion, religion, art, sport?

Dan: Family, cycling, fitness, reading science fiction, all kinds of art, politics, cultural history, the force.

Tara:   I read that you have a partner, are you married?  Do you have kids?  What does she do?  How did the two of you meet?

Dan: I am indeed married to Sandra, she’s in fashion, we have one  daughter and I met my wife where?  At a club naturally!  While I was on tour in Switzerland we met at a pre gig dinner.

Tara:   Fans would probably be interested in knowing a little more about your childhood and background, without sounding intrusive, could you provide your fans with a picture of your upbringing?

Dan: I grew in different cities and towns in North Eastern Ohio where I lived a pretty average  middle class midwestern life.  Very safe, very sheltered, very isolated from what happens in the world.  In this kind of environment you either love it and stay there forever or try to find a way to the wider world and from an early age music, fashion, and international magazines were my window.  That started phase 2!

Tara:  In March 2007 you played Jaded at The End in London with Mr C, word on the street is that you completely smashed it; what can you remember about that party, and are you looking forward to playing Jaded Jubilee Bank Holiday Monday with Ralf Kollmann?  And how has it been rolling with the Mobilee Crew?

Dan: That was indeed a fantastic party I just remember people going mad and seeing this amazing looking crowd who all ended up there from who knows where.  Was definitely one to remember!

And of course I’m looking forward to playing Jaded on bank holiday Monday!  Can’t wait actually, London is always great and my favorite city on the planet to play!

Working with Mobilee is always an adventure and a blast.  Not only are they great peeps to hang out with but they are a non stop force in this scene doing events all over the globe making a lot of people happy!

Tara: With the approach of December 21, 2012 and the end of the Mayan calendar there is a lot of eschatological talk on the web… if it were true, how would you spend your last days on earth?

Dan: I mean, without a doubt, with my daughter and my family, on the beach, just being and not doing anything.  Before my daughter was born I would have given a very different answer, but now it couldn’t be anything else.

Tara:  When is your birthday and what is your astrological sign?

Dan: Aug 4 and I’m a Leo!

Tara:  You have travelled all over the world with your music and played in a lot of different clubs, where are your favorite places to play?  DC 10? Panorama Bar (Berghain)? How are dance floors and audiences different in Europe versus say Asia, and Latin America?

Dan: London like I mentioned above, Tokyo, all over the US is amazing now, yeah, Panorama Bar of course.  But honestly I’ve played amazing parties everywhere and that’s the best answer, that a perfect night can happen anywhere.  It depends on the energy of the people and the DJ, not really the location.  On the floor it’s all the same everywhere.  I  realized this early on and was kind of shocked by it.  For some reason music talks to everyone the same way and that give and take between DJ and crowd happens everywhere in the same way.  I know it sounds corny but it really is the common language.

Tara:  Last question: what direction are you headed in now with your music? And do you have any plans for the future?  Will you stay in Berlin?

Dan: 2012 is a very diverse year, while at the same time focusing hard on the dance floor and new sounds I’m also bringing out an album of classics, resurrecting some aliases  that haven’t been used for ages, diversifying into working with new labels, and into non dance floor or 4/4 based music.  It’s my 20th year in the biz  so it’s time to look back and time for a new phase as well!

Berlin? Who knows?  I’ve been here for 8 years but it’s looking like change is in the air…

Dan Curtin will play Jaded alongside Mobilee’s Ralf Kollmann on Jubilee Bank Holiday Monday morning.

Daddy’s Got Sweets Photos from the morning here.

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Interview by Tara O’Connor for Jaded.

When she’s not dancing at Jaded or Superfreq, Tara blogs on social media: Imma Let You Finish